39 Hobsonville Rd
West Harbour
Ph. (09) 4160097
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39 Hobsonville Road, West Harbour.

Surprisingly close to most locations, under 20 min from the Spaghetti junction, 15 min from Constellation Drive, under 10 min from Kumeu - all outside the jam times, of course.

If you are coming...

Along Hobsonville Road (locals call it 'Hobbie road')

From Westgate - cross over the SH16 bridge, drive up pass the firestation, pass Oreil Ave intersection to where the road bends, you will see our sign. Turn right and drive in

From Hobsonville Point - drive all the way pass Hobsonville Primary, grocery shops, Barfoot on Luckens Road, pass the new church on the left, then Fitzherbert intersection and you will see our sign (second house after the intesection). Drive in.

Coming from the city

Sometimes people take a wrong lane here. Read carefully.

Drive along North Western Motorway (SH16), after Royal Road off ramp, go up the hill and going down keep left all the way to take Hobsonville Road exit. Once off the motorway, keep right and turn right over the motorway bridge. Next - follow From Westgate instructions above/

Coming from North Shore

Drive on Upper Harbour Highway all the way to Hobsonville Road exit. Get ready once passed Trig Road off ramp - Hobsonville Road is next. Once off the motorway, keep left, turn left onto Hobsonville Road, our clinic will be about 100 m away.

Coming from Kumeu

There is no off ramp to Hobbie Road, so either go via Whenuapai/Trig Road and turn right onto Hobsonville Rd or go Fred Taylor Drive to Westgate and see From Westgate above.