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 Conditions we treat 

Osteopathy can be helpful in a variety of disorders, below is the list of problems we see most often. Those syndromes can have different causes (trauma, sport injury, arthritis or degeneration, post surgical condition and so on). Sometimes the cause is unknown, in which case we will do our best to perform a 'detective' work to find it and treat it if possible. 


•low back pain and stiffness 

•neck pain and stiffness 


•back muscle sprain 

•'nerve pinching' 

•degenerative conditions

Periferal joints 

•shoulder pain 

•frozen shoulder 

•rotator cuff injuries 

•tennis elbow 

•hip pain 

•knee injuries 

•ankle sprain 

•any joint in the body

Jaw and face problems 

•jaw pain 

•bite problems 

•neuralgic pain

Children problem 

•crying baby 

•colicky baby 

•sleep disruption 

•developmental issues

Other conditions 




•RSI and OOS 

•pregnancy pains and aches 

•postnatal pains 

•sports injuries 

•stomach reflux 

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